Flatiron building

Flatiron Building is one of the most well known landmark in New York City. When I first visited New York City, I completely ignored it, or say I didn’t find it. Flatiron Building located between 23nd Street and 5th Avenue, it is easy to find when you walking along either Broadway or 5th Ave. There are many treasure store around Flatiron District such as Lego store and Eataly (the best marketplace of Italian food, recipes and gift).

When: Sunrise and sunset

Where: 175 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

Gear: Wide angle lens, telephoto lens, tripods

Crowd and busy traffic on rush hour street in Flatiron Building district during sunset in New York City United States

My Shooting Spot

New York City – OCT 18 2018: People and vehicles on the morning peak street around Flatiron Building during sunrise in New York City United States
New York City – JUL 12 2015: Architecture closeup of Flatiron Building in the afternoon in New York City United States
The Flatiron Building which has been called “one of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers and a quintessential symbol of New York City”, anchors the south end of Madison Square and the north end of the Ladies’ Mile Historic District. The neighborhood around it is called the Flatiron District after its signature building, which has become an icon of New York City.

Here are the facts you ought to know:

– designed by Chicago architect Daniel Burnham
– style: Beaux-Arts
– height: 307 ft (93 meters)
– floors: 21
– construction started in 1901
– completed in 1902 (in just about 1 year)

Summer 2015 Flatiron Building at Fifth Avenue and taxi cabs, New York USA

Though the Flatiron Building is often said to have gotten its famous name from its similarity to a certain household appliance, the triangular region contained by Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and 22nd and 23rd Streets had in fact been known as the “Flat Iron” prior to the building’s construction. The brothers Samuel and Mott Newhouse, who made their fortune in the mines of the West, bought the property in 1899. At the time, efforts were being made to create a new business district in New York, north of the current hub of Wall Street. In 1901, the Newhouses joined a syndicate led by Harry S. Black, head of the George A. Fuller Company, and filed plans to build a 20-story building on the triangular plot.

New York City – JUL 12 2015: Architecture closeup of Flatiron Building in the afternoon in New York City United States
Summer 2015 Flatiron Building at Fifth Avenue and taxi cabs, New York USA

The Flatiron Building has been around since 1902, and has a very unique look amongst New York’s famous buildings. Before the Empire State Building took over, it was the Flatiron that was most synonymous with NYC.

New York City – OCT 18 2018: Architecture closeup of Flatiron Building in the afternoon in New York City United States
New York City – OCT 18 2018: Light reflection on architecture closeup of Flatiron Building in the afternoon in New York City United States

When the Flatiron Building first opened, female tenants were at a disadvantage, as the building’s designers had failed to include any ladies’ restrooms.

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How to Photograph Manhattanhenge

Manhattanhenge is the most crowded outdoor event that I’ve ever attended to in NYC. What is Manhattanhenge, you may ask which is a common question when people see me shoot on street. Manhattanhenge is an event during which the setting sun or the rising sun is aligned with the east-west streets of the main street grid of Manhattan. It happened only four times a year, the end of May and the middle of July. Unlike other famous photography locations, this event happened in the middle of the street which means traffic and people around you, so a tripods may not a good idea unless some special situation.

When: May 29 & 30, July 11 & 12

Where: Manhattan and Queens

Gear: Telephoto lens, tripods (depends on location)

New York City / USA - JUL 13 2018: Manhttanhenge street view fro

My secret spot for Manhattanhenge:

Click icons to check out details, and you can save it to your google map.

I would highly recommend using telephoto lenses but not wide angle one because the close-up view can help you get out of the people and buildings to make the photo cleaner. Look at this one below I’ve shot in Gantry Plaza State Park where in Queens, It would be much better if by using a telephoto lens to frame the Chrysler Buildings and the sunset.

Sunset Manhattanhenge at Midtown Manhattan Skyline, New York Uni


Gantry Plaza State Park

Gantry Plaza State Park


Locations to shoot:

  • 57th Street
  • 42nd Street
  • 34th Street
  • 23rd Street
  • 14th Street
  • Roosevelt Island
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Tudor City
  • Gantry Plaza State Park

New York City / USA - JUL 13 2018: Times Square street view at r

New York City / USA - JUL 13 2018: Manhttanhenge street view fro

New York City / USA - JUL 13 2018: Manhttanhenge street view fro

Camera setting for Manhattanhenge:

You can use any setting for sunset when going to tripods friendly area, but if you plan to shoot on the street just like me to handheld shooting, safe shutter speed is the most important thing you should pay attention to. I was using the Canon 24-105mm F3.5-5.6 lens which is an amazing one I purchased this year, the only problem is when I use 105mm the aperture is F5.6, it makes shutter speed slow. You should use your safe shutter speed forever for keeping camera stabilizable to take a sharp shot. What is safe shutter speed you may say? For example, if you use a 200mm lens your safe shutter speed is 1/200s or faster depends on your hands, or like I was using 105mm focal length, the rule is 1/105s. For safety, I always use faster speed than the basic rule. So for this situation, I choose at least 1/400s. ISO400.

New York City / USA - JUL 13 2018: Manhttanhenge street view fro

New York City / USA - JUL 13 2018: Manhttanhenge street view fro

In these photos you may understand how crazy it was, it was a Chaos. If you are a driver, just don’t pass these street at the time.

New York City / USA - JUL 13 2018: Manhttanhenge street view fro

New York City / USA - JUL 13 2018: Manhttanhenge street view fro

I hope you enjoyed this event in 2018, let’s see on 2019.

My new camera Fujifilm X-T3 open box

Today is a special day for me. I switch to Fujifilm X-T3 from Canon for being a loyalty Canon user for more than 10 years. I started with Canon compact camera to SLR 400D, and then 5D Mark II, Mark III. I’ve worked with Canon body and lenses for my first 10-year career, it served me very well, never have a problem during work. But things changed since 2016, I started my fine art photography project which needs travel a lot in the city and outside in the further. The weight is the big problem with my back for a long time daily walking. I can’t walk half day long with my three lenses and DSLR, and tripods. I know it’s a time for facing these excuse in my career, drop some weight, change my lifestyle for better photography experience. I don’t care about the full frame issue today, any latest camera can do the job very well, this is called Technology. I’ve fallen in love with Fujifilm X-T2 with first seeing it two years ago, so I’m excited to hear that X-T3 will be coming soon this year. It’s the right time for me, although winter is coming, I still need to work harder than any time before.

Okay, let’s open my new baby’s box to see how it will surprise me.

The first impression of the box is very solid, high quality one. Simple and cool.



A big CAUTION inside the box to warning the new function of the focus adjustment control of viewfinder in three different languages.



Now, it is the breathtaking moment, ta-la. I have to say it is very well built, very well, such a perfect camera body I’ve ever had. So lucky that I have chosen the silver one which gives it a vintage look but modern feeling.


Then comes the accessories.


The charger must be different when purchasing in the different country, but it is easy for replacement.




There is a mini flash included! Surprised me!


Camera strap included, but I gonna use my own leather one. The clip attaching tool is very useful to open a strap clip, it helped me a lot.


Here are all the stuffs in the box.


I can’t wait to travel with my baby X-T3, maybe tomorrow, for some testing. Before that I need much more time to read the owner’s manual to learn how to use it.




Fujifilm is so sweet to give us a hot shoe cover to protect dust. 5+ stars.





I can’t find the serial number plate and made in China sticker anywhere. It makes camera body so clean.





Slide the latch down to remover the connector cover design is perfect when you shoot video.



Remote release connector cover is separate with others.


Two SD card slots. 5+ stars. This is so important for me as a DSLR user, it gives more safety for data backup. I have no problem of lost data before but it is better than none.




With my 23mm F1.4 lens. Pretty baby.





With the mini flash. Not bad, right?!



Thanks for watching. I will do more testing and review as a new Fujifilm user in the next few days. Please feel free to leave a common to ask any question about X-T3.