Ramen experience in ICHIRAN Brooklyn New York

I’m a super fan of Japanese ramen and like to try every ramen restaurant that I heard. I’ve known ICHIRAN for the first time when it opened in New York in 2016. It took two hours to wait online before you get into the door, that really scared me. After two years I decided to try it in the early afternoon around 6:00pm. Let’s see what is the experience like.


Find stickers on the street when getting off the subway.


This flag makes me feel like traveling in Japan .



The first impression is this solo dining booth, give me so much privacy and easy to focus on the flavors. Five stars.


Every bowl of ramen is customized, you can choose how spicy you want or within or without garlic. So sweet.


Add more extra topping and sides is possible. Don’t forget to refill your noodle.



Unfortunately, I didn’t try any drink at this time, but Ramune is my favorite Japanese soda. If you have kids don’t miss this.


This call button is the most interesting experience in ICHIRAN, simply click the bell button for any help, but if you put the dessert tray on the top of the call button area it will ringing a piece of music to let the staff know that you want your dessert.





If you have no idea how to start to order maybe you should select this recommended set just like me.

Creamy vanilla bean custard topped with caramel jelly and bittersweet caramel sauce

Address: 374 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Hours: 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM (Close at 11:30PM in Friday and Saturday)
Phone: (718) 381-049
Website: http://www.ichiranusa.com

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