Welcome to my photo blog. I started to write this blog as my handbook of my daily photowalk journey in New York City since 2018. This is where I share useful travel as local tips, secret photo spots, gears that I’m using, untold stories and inspirations from people I’ve met around the world. It’s a place to share my experience of daily exploring, travel,  photography, and life.

My name is Edi, I’m a city kid who grew up in a city with three thousand years of history, loves to wait for sunset on top of Jingshan Park (north of the Forbidden City) when the bell tower chimes loud and clear, and the pigeons take flight over the city’s rooftops. The walls there is brick red and drab grey, and the four seasons are separate and distinct. I received my first 35mm film camera as a gift from my grandfather who used to work at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, picked up a standard compact Canon digital camera from 2001, then the journey couldn’t stop.

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